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Test my IQ – I am too broke!

Test my IQ - no need to pay loads
Test my IQ

IQ testing is a business. Psychologists charge up to $1000 for these tests. Although we concur that in theory, the best of the clinical psychologists will probably be able to test IQ with a higher degree of accuracy than group-administered tests (e.g. Mensa offers such tests) or what is available online, the purity of the IQ measurement is easily compromised by the level of subjectivity applied by the assessor. In fact, research has shown that IQ scoring for the same individual on the same test can fluctuate by 8 points depending on the assessor. So there reality is that there is a risk that you can dish out $1k to be told that you have an IQ of 120, which could really be as low as 112, but as high as 128 depending on the competency of the psychologist who is administering the test.

Test my IQ – group testing style

If you want to join a high IQ society like Mensa, you will need an IQ that is in the top 2% of the population for any of the recognized IQ tests that are out there. If you are lucky enough to have been administered such an accepted test in school, and scored in the top 2%, all you need to do is to show Mensa proof of this score and you will be invited for membership. If on the other hand, you have never taken an IQ test, than you will need to make an appointment and to go into a classroom on a date and time which may or may not be convenient to you in order to sit a group-administered IQ test. At least here the cost is modest, but many people find it very inconvenient to plan, book and to physically get up on a Saturday morning to go into a room with strangers and spend three hours of your life being subjected to IQ testing, not to mention that you must then wait up to 10 days for the result! I personally prefer these types of tests as there is less subjectivity involved in the scoring, but it takes a motivated individual to go out and seek such an assessment.

Test my IQ – cheaply and accurately

For the vast majority of us, we would like to be able to sit in the comfort of our own homes, spend a limited amount of money and time and to obtain what is likely to be a reasonably accurate result. “test my IQ” is all good and well, but I want a result that is at least plausible. But what is the point of taking an easy online IQ test and obtaining an inflated score only to find out that your ‘true’ IQ score in a proctor-administered test may be much lower?  Similarly, if you think that you may want to try your hand at gaining Mensa membership, or think that you may need to take an IQ test for work or even simply because you are a curious soul and want to find out what your ‘magic number’ may be, then it is not unreasonable for you to want to have a dry run at one of these tests from the comfort of your own home.

The list of IQ tests providers online is a long one and there are a few good ones, but you need to have taken a group-administered test to understand whether the site in question is any good. So by the time you have spent the money, only then will you discover how good the particular site is. At, we aim to provide the most accurate fluid intelligence IQ testing on the web. More specifically, we have based our methodology on Mensa-style level of difficulty, time pressures and more importantly, IQ-test scoring. I test my IQ, will you? To try our IQ test, click here.