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  • only uses your email address as the unique identifier to allow you to access your members area where you will be able to see the amount or credits that you have purchased, as well as a record of your past scores, corresponding IQ test certificates as well as our assessment of your “true IQ” based on your past scores test performance. The platform will automatically email you your certificate upon completion of a paid for test, or if you have started and abandoned a test after signing in. We will never sell your email information or send you marketing emails unless we develop a new test (In which case you may be informed by email).
  • Within your members’ area, you may, at your own choice, optionally enter more detail about yourself so that we can calculate anonymised IQ test performance statistics based on generic demographic traits and to improve the scoring mechanism for the test. The more data is provided, the more interesting statistics we are able to calculate and published – on an anonymized basis – in the website. We will nev er use any such data to identify you personally. You can choose to delete any of your information or your account at any time. If you do choose to delete your account from within the members area, we will only retain your prior recorded scores to ensure the continued integrity of the anonymized statistics that are calculated on the site and for no other purpose. IQ- will retain your data until you delete your account. However, a record of your paypal payment record will be retained for tax and audit purposes.
  • At, we compile a leaderboard for each test and you can choose to have your test score and your chosen nickname published on the “ people stats” area of the website. If you delete your account, your chosen nickname, age, gender and score(s) will continue to be displayed.


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