New IQ test questions

New IQ test questions for the New Year
New IQ test questions for the New Year

Happy 2014 everyone! Wishing everyone health and happiness for the year to come. Body and mind.

At, we aim to provide the most reliable culture-fair testing on the web. IQ can be decomposed into two principal components of fluid (Gf) and crystallized (Gc) IQ. As explained previously, fluid intelligence relates to your ability to solve novel problems while crystallized intelligence is more akin to an accumulated body of knowledge that is largely acquired in formal education. So if I were to ask new IQ test questions including: what do Canada, Uganda and Iraq have in common? (One plausible answer could be that they all have populations of about 35 million people), this has to do with crystallized intelligence as you would have needed to have learned and memorized what the population of each of these countries is.  On the other hand, if I ask you what to identify the new logical symbol in the following sequence: O X O X? (The most logical answer being “O”), then this has more to do with the inherent logical reasoning ability of your brain, and is thus fluid intelligence, or an ability to solve novel problems (i.e. that you probably have never seen before).

The good news is that crystallized intelligence improves with education levels, and life experience and peaks when we reach our mid-50s. Fluid intelligence on the other hand, is believed to be genetic and peaks in our mid 20s and begins a sharp decline thereafter.

Here at, we believe that fluid IQ tests are the only kinds of tests that are applicable to a global internet audience. These culture-fair tests also control for the varying levels of education attained by individual test takers. That is, unlike crystallized IQ tests, studying for a PhD should not confer any sort of advantage on fluid intelligence IQ tests, although statistics tell us that those people who go on to complete a PhD are likely to have a higher IQ than say unskilled workers  who struggled to get through high school. We strive to provide the most realistic and accurate culture-fair testing on the web. For this reason, we are constantly thinking up new IQ test questions.

So why take an IQ test and why should we seek out new IQ test questions? More often than not, the answer might be lodged somewhere between curiosity and reaffirmation. Some test takers cite challenge and intellectual challenge with bright minds seeking to join high IQ societies to find like-minded people with curious minds. Taking online IQ tests are a good way to prepare for professionally-administered IQ tests because they diminish some of the element of surprise that you might encounter on the day.

New IQ test questions for the New Year

Off the back of the success of our culture-fair IQ test, we have developed a bank of new IQ test questions for the New Year and will be offering two more fluid intelligence IQ tests during the month of January. If you haven’t already taken our first culture-fair IQ test, you can give it a go here.