Free IQ test

Free IQ tests vary in quality
Free IQ tests vary in quality – we provide a link to some of the better ones

There are a very large number of IQ testing resources online. ¬†Unfortunately, very few of the online IQ tests are any good. The issue with the vast majority of online IQ tests is that they tend to over estimate test takers’ IQ. So test takers will end up thinking that they are smarter than they actually are. Although this may be good for the ego, it does not provide the test taker with a real sense of his or her cognitive strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, an IQ test is meant to give you an assessment of where you stand relative to a given population. The concept of whether or not someone is smart is a relative question. And the answer to the question lies in comparing the test taker’s IQ to that of the average person in his or her home country. So what is the point of being told by a free IQ test that you have an IQ of 140+ (genius level), when in fact your true IQ may really be around 115.

Free IQ test – you pay for what you get

Although most free IQ tests are neither very accurate or any good, some of them are, but you really have to look for them. The following site has compiled a list of free IQ tests and paid-for IQ tests that are amongst the best on the web. Click here to see the list.

At, we aim to provide the most accurate culture-fair IQ testing on the free. We do not offer a free IQ test, although you can start our test 1 for free. The price for obtaining a result is modest in comparison to several of our competitors, More importantly, we aim to provide you with a realistic estimate of your fluid intelligence for as little as $9.00 (or $15 for three tests). Professional psychologists can charge up to $1,000 for a professional assessment, and the academic literature has shown that clinical psychologists’ scoring can be highly subjective (variances of 8-10 IQ points in the scoring have been shown for the same test result!). Our IQ tests use standard scoring methodology which eliminates this problem. Test your IQ here.