Online Mensa IQ Tests

You are about to start our official Short Test. Please read the below instructions before proceeding.

Official IQ test Instructions

You will be shown 25 questions appearing in a 3x3 image matrix as below on the left. Your task will be to identify the missing image for the box with the "???". The multiple choice solutions will appear in a 3x2 image matrix appearing to the right hand side of the question as shown below.

Simply click on the correct answer (in this case box 1). Your chosen answer will "light up" in Green and a "Next" button will appear once you have made a selection (note that you can try clicking on the images here). Once you have made your selection, click on the "NEXT" button to move the the next question
  • REMEMBER, you have 9 minutes to answer 25 questions (representing an average of ~22 seconds per question).
  • The test will automatically stop upon 9 minutes having elapsed. So please move quickly between questions. Do not waste time on any one question. You will do better if your accuracy rate is 68% on 25 questions (i.e. 17 correct answers) than if you spend more time and answer only 15 questions with 100% accuracy (i.e. 15 right answers). The test rewards the ability to balance both speed and accuracy.
  • We employ positive marking which means that you will not be deducted points for incorrect answers. Take an educated guess if you are not sure.
  • You will not need a pen or paper to complete this test.
Now that you know how the test works, relax! Take a deep breath, and good luck!